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Things to Consider Before Starting a New Utility Project

From natural gas to renewable energy industries, the utility market rapidly changes as it evolves to meet consumer demand. As such, companies that plan can stay on top of trends and, in the best cases, outpace them.

Using alternative resources like solar energy or solar panels can help build a sustainable future, but energy production still largely relies on traditional utility poles. No matter how advanced the technology is, certain aspects of project management remain the same.

There are several things the utility manager must consider before starting a new utility project. Some utility project managers struggle to complete their projects because of external factors like severe weather and internal factors like their lack of preparation.

Successful projects require careful planning. Knowing the risks involved with a project can facilitate emergency protocols and increase safety measures.


Every job carries an element of risk. Identifying the risks involved with a new utility project can help you and your team avoid them and mitigate their effects should they occur. You should determine all the factors that could threaten your project. These can include:

  • equipment failure.

  • late and missing deliveries.

  • weather events.

  • worker accidents.

Once you have identified your project’s risks, then you can better position yourself to handle any unfortunate and unforeseen incident.

Emergency Scenarios

Companies invest large amounts of time and money into their utility projects. Project managers should ensure those investments are not wasted. Improving safety measures and productivity can reduce uncertainty. However, some projects are always liable to change.

Weather, supply shortages, and more can delay or even threaten to cancel a project. Preparing for multiple events can keep a project on track. Having a plan is better than being caught without any ideas.

For example, if you have properly planned and some of your equipment fails, then you can acquire replacement equipment so the project continues as seamlessly as possible. You can already have all the information you need on hand so you can get your team back to work.


Utility projects are sometimes risky endeavors that place workers at risk of injury or, at worst, death. Regardless of how trained they are, your team can suffer from just one slip-up.

Assessing what your team must do to get the job done can help you create a safety plan. This protocol can ensure your team remains healthy as well as keep your project safe from delays. You could even use established protocols. Feel free to adapt them to your specific situation for optimal coverage.

Equipment Transportation

If you are a utility project manager, then you are well aware that project delays that cause service interruptions can reflect poorly on the utility company. You must do everything in your power to keep the workflows clear and running. You should not overlook how you will get utility equipment to the job site.

Just like a consumer wanting to save money on a utility bill, you want to remain within budget without cutting too many corners. Outsourcing equipment transportation can save you money and time so you can keep your project on schedule and financially reasonable.

How are you getting your utility equipment from Point A to Point B?

Utility hauling can overwhelm project managers. If they choose to handle the task themselves, they must consider the load size, truck limitations, and local laws. They have to pull permits and plot map routes. Most importantly, they have to have the proper trucks, cranes, and/or forklifts as well as the drivers/operators to do the heavy lifting.

If you are a busy manager who is juggling different projects that demand your attention, you need to eliminate the easiest tasks to get rid of. Hiring a hauling company to move your utility poles, transformers, and more means you do not have to worry about load sizes, truck and crane acquisition, permits, and drivers. The best hauling companies handle all of the logistics of transport, freeing you to attend to more important duties.

Blackwood Resources is Your Utility Transportation Solution

Renting trucks and cranes and hiring drivers can take time and cost money. Your project’s budget might not allow for much wiggle room. You do not have to let utility equipment transportation wreck your project’s bottom line. Plan to outsource your delivery needs to a hauling company like Blackwood Resources.

Since 2017, we have partnered with the utility industry to provide the most comprehensive transportation services in our field. We are an asset-based hauling company that concentrates on transloading services.

What does this mean?

We are an asset-based hauling company

Asset-based hauling companies do the actual hauling themselves. We own and maintain our trucks. You do not have to worry about paying for maintenance and repairs.

We hire our drivers and operators. We are responsible for our quality of service, including our punctuality and efficiency.

You can communicate directly with us to stay updated for every leg of the transport. You can relay questions and concerns to us. We can directly respond to you. Strong communication can help fulfill an effective delivery.

Clear communication creates a greater sense of transparency. You can always find out how well the transport is going.

Because of this, we are more accountable for our actions. This makes giving you superior service paramount. Our business depends on our performance.

We also offer transloading

Transloading is the process of using specially-designed trucks with attached cranes to unload poles and other materials and move them onto the truck. Once they reach their destination, the same equipment will unload the material.

Not every hauling company offers transloading services. They will load their haulers but not unload them, giving the job to project managers like you to figure out.

We will not leave you with a job half done. We know it is important for you to see your project completed. With looming deadlines and scant budgets, your project’s success can depend on how fast materials arrive at your site.

We are committed to helping you

We want to set ourselves apart from our competition. Cutting out middlemen and offering vital loading and unloading services are just two ways we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We can align our services to your needs.

We transport concrete, wood, and steel poles. We can also relocate materials from and to temporary contractor-yard set-ups and non-permanent distribution centers. Our professional operators can transport utility poles anywhere in the eastern United States.

You do not have to spend time tracking down everything you need to transport your project’s utility materials. You do not have to spend money on rentals and labor. We can haul and unload your cargo for you. Giving us this essential duty can ease your worries so you can focus on completing your project.

Turn to our dedicated team for your next utility hauling project. Learn more about our services and how we can help you today. Please contact us today.



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