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Headquarted in south-central Indiana, Blackwood Resources is serving the eastern half of the United States and continually growing.  We recruit high-skill operators and drivers with a track-record of safety and proficiency. Blackwood proudly admits that its employees are its most valuable asset and that their commitment to quality customer service separates Blackwood from all competition.


Blackwood Resources is proud to be a trusted partner within the utility industry, handling the transportation needs for staging new utility poles at operation centers and job-sites across the country. We understand the implications on the electrical utilities to continue to meet their customer expectations, keep infrastructure current and minimize service disruptions. We take pride in our ability to quickly adapt to this high-demand market while maintaining a constant, singular focus on serving our customers well. By operating high-end specialty equipment and investing in qualified employees, Blackwood sets itself apart as professional and aims our focus on customer relationships to align our service with their needs.

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