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How Does Utility Pole Hauling Impact Your Project?

Every utility project includes multiple intertwined steps. Every part of your project plays a critical role in the overall success of the project.

Whether you are replacing utility poles or repairing existing poles, your project is vital for the electrical power in an area. Your team deals with high-voltage poles and wires, making safety paramount.

If you need to get new poles to your job site, then utility pole hauling is part of your project.

What is the impact of utility pole hauling? Keep reading to learn more and find out the best overlength hauling solution for your project.


Hauling utility poles will impact your budget. When planning out your project budget, you’ll need to consider the cost of hauling utility poles.

How much this will cost depends on the solution you choose.

If you attempt to haul new poles to your site in-house, then you’ll need to have all of the proper equipment including:

  • Speciality overlength hauling trucks

  • Unloading equipment (cranes)

  • All of the proper equipment for securing the poles

Additionally, you must ensure that you have the manpower to load, drive, haul and unload the poles. As you can see, moving utility poles internally can be a huge strain on your project budget.

The other option is to hire an overlength hauling company to haul your poles. While this is still a cost you must consider, it’s one that’s easier to account for. In the end, it’s typically more cost-effective to outsource utility pole hauling.

If you’re looking to avoid extra costs during your utility project, then you need to choose a reliable, cost-effective hauling company.


Time is of the essence of utility projects. It’s not a resource you can waste! Different aspects of your utility project may be lined up like dominos. Some steps may be completed simultaneously while others will depend on the ones before them.

Utility pole hauling impacts the timing of your project in several ways. For one, you won’t be able to install new poles until they arrive! Any steps to restore electrical power after new pole installation will also depend on the delivery of your new utility poles.

A delay in hauling turns into a delay in your project. On-time, efficient utility pole hauling is vital for these reasons. You need a solution that can help keep your project on time.

Project Success

The success of your project depends on you meeting all of the outlined objectives, within the proposed time frame and within the budget. Pole hauling is vital for your utility project success.

If pole hauling is efficient and smooth, it helps your project stay on track. Likewise, issues with utility pole hauling or unloading will impact many aspects of your project.

Quality hauling ensures that your new poles arrive on time in the proper condition. This is vital for keeping your project moving in the right direction. That’s why it’s so important to choose a utility hauling company that will help you succeed.


There’s no doubt about it, leading a utility project can be stressful. Any hitches in the project only increase the stress of the entire project team. Managing stress as a project manager is crucial for helping your team and keeping the project rolling.

Like every aspect of the project, utility pole hauling plays a major role in how stressful the project is. Issues with pole hauling will only add to stress. Just imagine your new poles showing up late and/or damage. Or worse yet, not showing up at all!

There’s already a lot you cannot control in your project. However, you can help reduce the chances of delays and added stress by choosing an experienced hauling solution.

Utility Pole Hauling Impacts Your Entire Project!

When it comes down to it, utility pole hauling affects every core aspect of your project. Choosing the wrong solution will cost you more money, time, and stress. It can potentially cost you project success as well.

One of the biggest possible mistakes you can make during your project is trying to handle utility pole hauling in house. This is extremely expensive, and likely requires you to purchase a ton of costly equipment. The reality is that most utility teams don’t have the resources to haul poles themselves.

But hiring a utility pole hauling company is not a decision to take lightly either! While plenty of companies in the United States may offer overlength hauling, not all of them have the qualities you need in a pole hauling company.

To choose a company that will positively impact your project, look for the following qualities:

  • Relevant experience: The overlength hauling company should have experience in the utility industry, including experience hauling similar poles. Years of experience are important, but the number and type of hauls matter more.

  • Great customer service: You want a company that will do everything they can to avoid delays, but you need one that also communicates effectively and solves problems. Things like weather are not controllable, but how the company treats its customers is.

  • Self-unloading: Not all utility transport companies will unload the poles. Choose ones that include this in their service.

  • Asset-based: Working with a hauling broker makes it more likely you’ll deal with low-quality drivers and poor communication. Choose an asset-based company that directly does the hauling.

Blackwood Resources for Utility Pole Transport

If you’re in search of a quality utility pole hauling company, look no further than Blackwood Resources. Our experienced team is here to help! We’ve already hauled over 100,000 tons in the utility industry, and we’re ready to help with your next project.

Whether you need help hauling steel poles, wood poles, or concrete poles, you can turn to our team. Our service also includes self-unloading. We’ll unload your poles quickly and safely using our specialized overlength hauling trucks.

As an asset-based hauling company, we employ and train talented drivers that are dedicated to safety.

Contact us today to learn more about our utility hauling services. Reach us at 812-676-8770 or



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