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The Importance of Utility Pole Transport for Your Project

When planning your utility project, there are several components to consider. Of course, you must evaluate which poles to replace, the ideal pole material, your crew, timing, and more. Another core part of utility projects is new pole transport.

How will you get the new poles to your work site?

Considering the massive size of the poles, this is not as easy as renting a trailer or truck. The vast majority of utility companies must hire a professional utility hauling company for their pole hauling needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of utility pole transport and what to look fo.

What is Utility Pole Hauling

Utility pole hauling is the process of bringing utility poles to your job site. It requires overlength trucks that can handle the size and weight of steel, concrete, or wood poles.

The hauling company loads the poles onto their truck, and then transports them to your job site. From there, you may have to unload the poles, unless you opt for a self-unloading utility company. A self-unloading company automatically unloads them for you, saving you time and money.

Rail-Car Unloading

Transloading is a core part of utility pole transport. For most of their route, utility poles may travel via rail car. But then, you must get the poles from the train to the trucks and to your job site.

The best solution for rail-car unloading is a complete utility hauling solution. A company that offers both transloading and utility pole hauling is ideal. That way, they will pick up your utility poles from the intermodal yard, load them onto the trucks, and then bring them to your work site.

Pole Hauling is Overlength Hauling

Since utility poles are so large, hauling them is considered “overlength hauling.” An overlength load is longer than the length in a certain situation. Note that each state has its own overlength definition and criteria.

That means you can’t simply throw overlength loads on a flatbed and bring them to your destination. There’s a lot more to consider, including local regulations, permits, and the sheer size of the poles.

Addressing the overlength component is vital for keeping your project on track. Any hiccups can delay your project or cost you fees/fines.

Pole Hauling Impacts The Entire Project

Each step of your project is critical, and successfully completing them helps you smoothly move on to the next. Errors or delays at any step can throw your project off-course.

The same goes for utility pole hauling.

  • Budget - How much you spend on pole hauling impacts the rest of your budget. Choosing one company that offers rail-car unloading, pole hauling, and self-unloading can help you save money and time.

  • Timing - Completing your project on time is essential. A good pole-hauling solution will help you do that. A bad one will have the opposite effect, as it can delay your project and disrupt the subsequent steps.

  • Completion - To complete your pole replacement project, you need to have new poles. Without these, you are put to a halt. A great pole-hauling company will help you meet the demands of your project successfully.

  • Stress - Let’s face it, leading a utility project can be stressful even for the most experienced managers. Problems with pole hauling only increase stress. Choosing an experienced hauling solution helps reduce the chances of delays or damages.

What to Look for in a Utility Pole Hauling Company

Utility pole hauling is extremely important for your projects. Choosing the right partner is the key to helping your entire project go smoothly.

In reality, the vast majority of utility companies do not have the resources to complete this task in-house. It’s generally more cost-effective to hire a professional utility hauler than it is to purchase specialized equipment and hire/train drivers and operators.

Ultimately, hiring the right pole hauling company is critical for the success of your project.

Here are some of the top qualities to look for in a pole hauling company:

Complete Services

As we broke down above, pole hauling really includes several different services from start to finish. Some companies only offer one of these services. For example, you may find a company that hauls poles to your work site. However, the company may not pick up the poles from the rail cars at the intermodal yard.

Choose a company like Blackwood Resources that offers:

  • Rail-car unloading to transload poles from rail-car to truck.

  • Pole hauling, including concrete, steel, and wooden poles.

  • Self-unloading (pole unloading) from our specialty trucks to your material yard.

Customer-Centric Service

We do everything we can to reduce the chance of delays. Of course, weather and other factors are not in our control. For those cases, we always communicate quickly and efficiently to keep you in the loop. Our entire team is dedicated to providing high-quality, customer-centric services.

Commitment to Safety

Pole hauling comes with several safety risks. We mitigate these risks at every stage possible, starting with state-of-the-art equipment and detailed safety training. Our entire team undergoes continuing safety training and education to keep our team and your team as safe as possible.

Turn to Blackwood Resources

Blackwood Resources is here to help with all of your pole-hauling needs! Our experienced team has already hauled over 100,000 tons of utility equipment, and we’re here to help you next.

Count on us for efficient and comprehensive pole-hauling services that keep your project on track. Whether you need new poles to replace power lines or you’re upgrading damaged poles, our team is here to help with overlength hauling.

Learn more about our utility hauling services and how we can help you today. Contact us at 812-676-8770 or



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