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Qualities to Look for in a Utility Transformer Transport

You have a lot to keep track of when starting a new utility project. You need to assemble the right crew, gather the necessary equipment, and transport the supplies—including electrical transformers.

These utility transformers are important components of the energy grid as they enable efficient transportation of energy from the generator to the consumer. But they are a pain to transport.

Not every utility transport company has the right expertise or equipment to haul your utility transformers. In fact, a reliable transportation company with the proper equipment can be extremely hard to find.

But you need to find a dependable company to get your project moving without delay. How can you find a quality transformer hauling provider? Here are the qualities you should look for in a utility transformer transport company.

Provides Excellent Customer Service

The best transport company will put your needs first when hauling utility power transformers to your worksite. You should look for a company that values customer service and is willing to do what it takes to serve you well.

To find a company with excellent customer service, you can look at customer reviews. These often provide accurate descriptions of the company’s service and can reveal much more than the company’s website would. While there will probably be negative reviews for every company, you look for companies that review well overall. Reputable companies can shine even through bad reviews.

You can also call the company and ask them some questions about their hauling experience. How they answer your questions will reveal a lot about their customer service. Look for a company that takes time to answer your questions and goes the extra mile, even connecting you with a driver, to get the information you need.

Services Your Area

This may seem obvious, but you’ll need a company that does transformer hauling in your area. Look for companies that are based near your work site to ensure that they will haul for you.

Not only should you consider the location of your worksite, but you also must take into account the location of the transformers currently. Even if your worksite is within a company’s service area, they may not be willing to drive out to the rail car with the transformers.

The top companies will have transportation solutions for long distances. You want to be sure the company can assist you through your entire project.

Capable of Transloading and Unloading

You also want to find a company that offers transloading and unloading services. Trasloading is the process of moving freight from one form of transportation to another. It involves specially-design trucks with attached cranes that can load and unload transformers.

Transloading from rail cars and unloading onsite can be complicated and difficult. You do not want your project to be delayed because you had to find equipment or hire a separate company to load and unload the utility transformers.

While transportation companies that will unload themselves are rare, it is worth your time to look for a company equipped with transloading and unloading. It will save you valuable time on-site as well as money spent on your utility project.

Does Asset-Based Hauling

The type of hauling company is another quality to consider. You can either work with a broker or an asset-based trucking company.

A broker company will not be the ones hauling your utility transformers. They do not own their own trucks or equipment either. While brokers advertise as the face of the business, they simply connect you will another company that will haul the transformers.

On the other hand, asset-based companies own the equipment, hire the drivers, and pay for maintenance themselves. Their reputation is based on the service they provide, so they will work their best to provide excellent transportation and customer service. They also collaborate directly with you, so you can communicate any important messages about hauling to the people who will be hauling your utility transformers.

So for reliability and quality service, find an asset-based hauling company to transport your electric transformers.

Prioritizes Saftey

Utility transformers can be dangerous to haul, so you need to find a company that prioritizes the safety of everyone involved. The company should ensure that its drivers follow all truck transportation regulations for the highways they are traveling on. They will also need to stay updated on any local transportation regulations in the areas they service.

If this company is a transloading company as well (which it probably should be), they must have additional safety precautions for transloading and unloading. They should always keep their equipment in good condition and install safety equipment for the loading and unloading operations.

You do not want one of your employees getting hurt by the negligence of a transportation company, so ensure that the company you choose has a record of safety and will prioritize the safety of each worker above all else.

Has Experience Hauling Transformers

Finally, the best company to work with will have experience hauling utility transformers. General utility experience is good to have as well, but you want a company that has specifically transported transformers—they will not run into as many unexpected surprises with transformers or have to problem-solve while hauling.

You can look at the years of experience the company has, but that experience includes all different types of jobs. It is better to ask about their specific experience with hauling transformers. Most likely, you will need to ask probing questions to get this information. You can inquire how many jobs they have done with transformers or how they have improved in their transformer hauling over time.

A company with less experience overall may be the best option if they have specific experience with utility transformers.

Contact Blackwood Resources for Quality Transformer Transport

Now that you know what to look for in a utility transport company, you can see that Blackwood Resources may be the best transportation company for your utility project.

We are an asset-based utility hauling company ready to provide you with exceptional customer service. We own premium specialty equipment and hire only the best drivers to serve you. These drives are committed to helping you move your transformers, and they’re our best asset.

With our specialized equipment, we offer transloading and unloading services. Our trucks are equipped with cranes that can lift the utility transforms out of the truck and place them where you need them. You do not have to worry about hiring another company or renting expensive equipment for unloading anymore.

We have been partnering with the utility industry for over five years, so we have the experience to haul your transformers safely and efficiently.

Not only do we haul transformers, but we also haul wood, concrete, and steel utility poles as well as pilings, pipe, and other oversized or bulky utility materials. Whatever stage of the project you are in, we can haul the materials you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our services! Call us at 812-676-8770 or send an email to



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