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Responsibilities of a Utility Project Manager

A utility project typically needs someone to supervise the work. A utility project manager is usually the person responsible for guiding the job until it is completed. Without someone filling the project manager role, a project might stumble along or fall apart altogether. Utility manager jobs can be found in public works, electrical, and telecommunication organizations.

If you set an online job alert for utility project manager positions, you’ll probably see how important and complex the job is.

What a Utility Project Manager Does

Despite it sounding flippant, managers manage.

If you delve deeper into their job duties, you can find that managers, utility project managers, in particular, must oversee every aspect of a project. Construction managers could be good candidates for the job. Most vacancies require a Bachelor s degree. Experience and expertise are critical for someone to effectively lead a project team. The involved responsibilities are as heavy as the equipment needed for a utility project.

Essential Job Duties of a Utility Project Manager

Utility project managers should be goal-oriented. They should add value and strength to any project they direct by providing expertise and using modern methods. A utility project manager is generally expected to:

  • Accept responsibility for the services and activities related to the management of each project, including but not limited to design, bid, construction, and related functions.

  • Analyze and respond to project risks.

  • Coordinate staffing and operational activities.

  • Develop program budgets to fund staffing, equipment, and materials.

  • Direct and review work plans.

  • Direct the preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, and contracts for each project.

  • Ensure the completion of projects within budgetary, regulatory, and time limits.

  • Identify resource needs.

  • Meet with contractors, engineers, and developers.

  • Organize and schedule the work of professional and paraprofessional engineering staff and private contractors (monitors workflows, evaluates staff, etc.).

  • Prepare and present reports.

  • Resolve any engineering problems during the construction phase.

  • Resolve citizen questions and complaints.

  • Review the design of utility projects.

  • Select and train personnel.

  • Work collaboratively with project teams.

Essential Education and Experience of a Utility Project Manager

The education and experience requirements demanded from a utility project manager vary from job to job. The basics can include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in civil engineering, construction management, construction technology, or a related field.

  • A minimum number of years of relevant experience.

  • Specific licenses and/or certifications.

Successful project managers should be able to:

  • Adapt to unexpected and adverse situations.

  • Address staff and customer concerns.

  • Administer program budgets, prepare cost estimates and financial reports.

  • Effectively lead and manage a project team.

  • Have a working knowledge of engineering principles and contract practices.

  • Interpret and apply federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • Perform various construction-related activities like lifting a certain amount of weight and sitting or standing for extended periods.

  • Possess written and communication skills.

  • Prepare plans and specifications for specific utilities such as pump stations, water lines, and storm drains.

  • Remain calm under pressure.

  • Understand utility drawings.

The Average Salary of a Utility Project Manager

A utility project manager can earn between $68,000 and $89,000 a year. Salaries depend on the person’s education, certifications, skills, and experience.

They also vary based on job type and location. For example, in Florida, the range is between $64,000 and $84,000 while the range in Alaska is $76,000 to $99,000.

How Blackwood Resources Can Help Utility Project Managers

Utility project managers occasionally need to have utility poles hauled to a worksite. Setting up the loading, hauling, and unloading of new poles requires getting permits, drivers, and the proper equipment.

If you’re a project manager who wants to lighten your workload, Blackwood Resources can bring new poles to job sites, sparing you the hassle of handling the logistics of a transportation assignment yourself. You can focus on all of the other tasks you have to perform.

We can handle each step of utility pole shipping. Our transportation services include obtaining the best truck and getting the permits. Our customer service extends to providing load assistance if you need it. We are committed to separating our company from every competitor. We can align our services to your needs, placing you firmly in control while we do the work.

Moving utility poles between locations requires expertise. It’s a job that should be performed by experts. Our skilled and professional operators can transport utility poles anywhere in the eastern United States. We can transport your cargo safely and securely to where you need it to be.

  • Railcar Unloading: We can transport materials from rail to job sites.

  • Relocation Services: Our fleet of haulers can support you so your team can promptly get the job done.

  • Steel Pole Transport: We can easily load and unload these cost-effective options to and from your site.

  • Storm Response: We know the importance of staging trucks and operators in an impact area. Our services can expedite the clean-up, restore power, and get people’s lives back on track.

  • Wood Pole Transport: We can transport materials up to 90 feet long.

You shouldn’t have to worry about finding the right trailer, dealing with rentals, permitting, and hiring additional workers. You have enough responsibilities to manage. Choosing a respected pole hauling company can solve one of your many problems. We can deal with calculations, permits, and everything else that goes along with utility pole transportation. Make your responsibility ours.

Learn more about how our utility hauling solutions can help you today. Contact us now at 812-676-8770 or


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