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What to Look for in a Storm Response Solution

Of all the natural disasters the United States encounters, hurricanes and tropical storms are some of the most destructive. Although sustained winds of 39 miles per hour might not seem particularly threatening, winds can reach upwards of 74 miles per hour and higher. The Pacific and Atlantic hurricane season is the time to closely watch the weather.

Utility companies have to prepare for extreme weather just like the public. Instead of making an emergency supply kit, utility providers must have a response plan for service and power outages. Their storm response abilities can reconnect people with electricity and communications either quickly or slowly.

Their response and recovery depend on the right solution. If you are responsible for your company's recovery plans, then you should know what to look for in a storm response solution. You can confidently and quickly restore utilities to a grateful public when you choose an asset-based company that has relevant experience, self-unloading capabilities, and excellent customer service.

Asset-Based or Broker?

An asset-based company owns its loading and hauling equipment, recruits its drivers, and performs hauling. They are responsible for how well they complete every job. As such, they should make every effort to work with you to fulfill your expectations.

A broker will connect you with a hauling company. They act as a middle man. You will probably be forced to contact them if you need to relay a message to the driver, possibly creating a lag in communication that could adversely impact your delivery. Asset-based companies allow you to directly contact their drivers in cases of plan changes or status updates.

Relevant Experience

Although a hauling company can claim to transport any type of bulky freight, can they do so in the wake of a severe storm? Can they stage multiple self-loading trucks and operators throughout an impact area? Do they have self-loading trucks?

You should look for relevant experience when it comes to a storm response solution. You will already be working under less-than-ideal conditions. You should partner with a company that will not make your job more difficult. Experience is one of the best features you can leverage to restore service during a crisis.

Self-Unloading Capabilities

Some hauling companies will not unload their cargo. That task is up to project managers to figure out. The last thing a manager wants to do after a storm is to hire workers and rent equipment just to unload utility poles from a truck.

A self-unloading hauling company has the proper equipment to load, transport, and unload utility freight. They will use trucks with attached grapples to pick up and handle poles and other large items. One driver can load, haul, and unload materials with no excuses.

Good Customer Service

You should plan ahead and research asset-based, self-unloading hauling companies. You should not jeopardize your project's success by choosing the first company that appears in an online search. You should assess how well the company and its drivers communicate and adapt to changes. The time investment can be worth it when you need utility poles delivered fast.

Safety Record

Utility hauling is dangerous, especially after a major storm. Just loading poles onto a flatbed is a risky endeavor. You should look for companies that have a near-perfect history of safety. The last thing you would probably want is to increase your risks in a volatile disaster area. Partnering with a company that emphasizes safety can keep your team and the public safe during trying times.

Look for Blackwood Resources

Flying debris can knock out power lines and poles. An emergency plan should account for how electricity will be restored. Disaster preparedness can help you get to work faster. Place Blackwood Resources on-call so we can respond to your recovery actions. You can better monitor your mobilization activities in real-time when you do not have to worry about how you will get replacement utility poles to devastated areas.

We are an asset-based, self-unloading hauling company that is dedicated to assisting the utility industry whenever they need us. Whether it is after a natural disaster or whenever utility poles need replacing, our experienced drivers/operators can use any of our self-unloading trucks to move poles where you need them. You can contact them directly to receive delivery updates and to inform them of any new instructions.

Contact us to find out how we can become your storm response solution.



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