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Questions to Ask a Utility Pole Transport Company Before Hiring

When choosing a utility transport company, you need to find a company that will provide quality service.

If the hauling company doesn’t meet your expectations, working with them may increase your stress, add extra work for you to do, or even delay your utility project. Whether you are running power lines or adding a fiber optic cable, people need your services, and you cannot afford a project delay because of the transportation company.

How do you choose the best utility hauling company? You’ll need to ask some probing questions to determine whether this company offers the best transportation solution.

Of course, you are busy with your project, figuring out any local power pole attachment requirements, and complying with the federal pole attachment regulations. You don’t have time for a detailed integration before hiring a utility hauling company. But if you ask a few specific questions, you should get all the information you need to choose a hauling company.

To save you time, we have some specific questions you can ask a utility pole transport company. These questions should reveal what hauling company is the best for your utility project.

What Utility Pole Hauling Experience Do You Have?

First, you should ask the transportation company about their hauling experience. The hauling company may encounter some unexpected difficulties with your poles if they haven’t hauled them before. This could cause a project delay as the company has to problem-solving while hauling.

So, find a company that has specific experience hauling the type of utility poles you’ll need. The years of experience are important as they can show generally how much hauling the company has done. However, you should prioritize the amount of hauling projects that the company has done. A company with fewer years of experience but more experience with your specific poles will be a better choice for your project.

Are You a Broker or an Asset-Based Company?

Another question you should ask is whether the company is asset-based or a broker. An asset-based hauling company owns its own trucks and equipment, hires its own drivers, and does the actual hauling. They’re personally responsible for the quality of their service, and they will work directly with you to meet your transportation needs.

A broker on the other hand is a company that connects customers like you to people who will haul your supplies. They do not do the actual hauling, so they are not ultimately responsible for the service you receive. Instead, they’re a middle man, communicating your messages with the truckers and earning a commission off of your business.

While each type of company has its pros and cons, an asset-based company is the better choice. This company provides more transparency because you can work directly with the truck drivers and quickly communicate any problems. You will also receive better service because the asset-based company’s reputation depends on the timelessness and quality of its hauling services.

How Do You Demonstrate a Commitment to Safety?

The transport company you choose must recognize the importance of safety—especially when transporting utility poles.

One power pole can be incredibly heavy and difficult to move with its length. If the hauling company drops one of these poles, your equipment could be damaged. Even worse, if the company isn’t careful when moving these poles, one of your employees could be injured.

To protect your employees and everyone else involved in the project, ask the transportation company how they are committed to safety. Any company can claim that they prioritize safety, so asking “if they’re committed to safety” won’t give you the detailed answers you need. But asking “how they’re committed to safety” can show you exactly what measures the company is—or isn’t—taking to protect your materials, their drivers, and your employees.

How Much Will Hauling Cost?

When hiring a utility hauling company, the last thing you want to do is discover hidden costs and fees during the transportation process. This could entirely askew your project budget, and force you to pay much more than you originally thought you would for utility pole transportation.

The best types of transportation companies will be upfront with you about their costs so you can plan accordingly. But it’s always good to ask how much the entire transportation process will cost. Also, consider asking for an itemized list that shows all the fees that are factored into the total expense. This will show you how fair the company’s pricing is.

Do You Offer Self-Unloading?

Finally, be sure to ask if the company will unload your materials when they deliver them to your worksite. Many transportation companies simply do not offer this service, forcing you to spend valuable time and resources to get the utility poles of the company’s trucks.

Your transportation process will go much smoother when you find a company that does the entire transportation process for you—transloading, transportation, and unloading.

Ask Blackwood Resources

Those questions should show you whether a transportation company will provide quality service and get the transportation job done right.

Ready to resume your search? Start with Blackwood Resources. We are happy to answer all your questions so you can see how our services stack up. But we can tell you right now, you’ll probably like our services.

As a trusted partner of the utility industry for over 5 years, we have experience hauling all kinds of utility poles, including wood, concrete, and steel poles. With this experience, we know how to haul your poles well and deliver them promptly.

We are also an asset-based company committed to the safety of our drivers and your employees. As such, we recruit drivers with a track record for safety, so we know they’ll work their best to deliver your materials carefully.

Finally, we include self-unloading services in our affordable pricing. Our equipment is specially equipped with cranes for unloading utility poles and other large materials, so you don’t have to worry about unloading anything.

Have more specific questions about how Blackwood Resources can assist with your specific project? Contact us at or 812-676-8770!



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