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Qualities to Look for in a Concrete Pole Transport Company

Have you decided to use prestressed spun concrete poles for your next utility project? They are a good choice, designed for strength, durability, and long service life.

But they do have a downfall: they are heavy. Not to mention, you have to transport them to your worksite somehow.

The best and safest solution is a concrete pole transport company. The company will be able to transport your concrete poles safely and without hassle. But this is only true if you can find a reliable transportation company.

Unfortunately, not all transportation companies will provide the quality service you need for your utility structures, so you must be careful when searching for a company to use.

What are the qualifications of a reliable concrete pole transportation company? We have the answers below. Keep reading to find out what you need to look for in concrete utility pole transport service.


For hauling new concrete poles, one of your qualifications should be a company that will self-unload. Without a self-unloading service, you will have to find expensive equipment to unload the poles, and you will also put your crew at risk for an accident.

To reduce this hassle and potential danger, find a company that has trucks with built-in equipment for unloading. You will not spend more money on extra equipment. You will keep your crew safe as the professionally trained crew does the unloading. And you will save time on the utility project.

Implements Safety Procedures

For your concrete pole hauling, you need a company that prioritizes safety—in all aspects of hauling: both transportation and loading/unloading.

First, they need to have proper safety procedures for transporting. The company should ensure that its drivers follow federal motor carrier safety laws on the highway. The company should also follow local safety regulations. This requires them to stay up-to-date with the safety requirements in all the areas they serve.

They also need proper safety procedures for the loading and unloading processes. And the company should regularly review those safety procedures with its drivers and unloaders. If the employees are not well trained in safety precautions, someone could get hurt.

So, to keep your workers safe, find a company that has safety procedures in place and regularly enforces them.

Experience with Hauling Concrete Poles

Another quality to consider is the company’s level of experience with hauling concrete poles. Concrete poles are significantly heavier than wood poles, and they are much longer than traditional concrete products. If the company has not hauled concrete utility poles before, they are probably not prepared for the specific challenges that concrete poles present.

You need to find a company that has significant experience in hauling concrete poles. You can ask them about their experience in this area to learn how long they have been hauling the concrete poles and how many loads they have done. Be sure the company has enough experience to haul your concrete utility poles without problems.

Asset-Based Hauling

Also choose an asset-based hauling company. When you do a quick google search for a utility hauling company, most of the results will be broker companies. These companies do not actually do your hauling, but they connect you with other companies that will haul your concrete poles.

However, asset-based hauling companies are much better because you can talk directly with the people who will be hauling your load instead of communicating through the broker company.

Asset-based companies often provide better quality service as well. Trucking brokerage simply aims to improve the supply chain, so the broker could pair you with unreliable carriers. But asset-based companies’ business is based on their reputation, so they will provide you will the best quality service that they can.

Blackwood Resources for Concrete Utility Pole Transport

There are a lot of qualifications to look for in a utility pole transport company, but have your minds put at ease. Blackwood Resources will meet your standards.

We are a self-unloading utility hauler with specialized trucks and equipment for unloading. We will provide safe and convenient unloading for any customer, helping your team save money and time. You only have to tell us where to put the poles.

We also focus on safety by only hiring the best operators and drivers and prioritizing the safety training on our team. And we treat these employees like family as our 98% driver retention rate shows. We are proud to claim these employees as our best assets.

You can rely on our years of concrete pole hauling experience. Blackwood Resources has been serving the utility industry for over 5 years, and we have the capabilities specifically to haul and unload wood, steel, and concrete utility poles, pilings, or pipes.

Finally, we are an asset-based company that will work directly with you to provide the best hauling services that we can.

Your search for a reliable hauling company is over. Contact us today at 812-676-8770 or to learn more about our hauling services and how we can specifically help you with your utility project.



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