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Primary Responsibilities of a Utility Pole Inspector

Completing your team is an important part of your job as a utility project manager.

One of the roles you may need to meet safety standards is a utility inspector.

Utility inspectors work to maintain and treat utility poles. They can assess pole damage and lead crews in utility pole replacement.

What are the primary responsibilities of a utility inspector and which skills do they need?

Read on to learn more about utility inspector jobs.

What is a Utility Pole Inspector?

A utility pole inspector assesses the condition of utility poles. They can determine if a pole has any defects or damage, and perform necessary repairs/ maintenance. The inspector may also lead a crew to replace poles that need it.

As you may imagine, there are several key skills required to successfully complete this job. We’ll dive more into those below.

Qualifications for Utility Inspector Jobs

What qualifications do you need to become a utility pole inspector?

Here are a few:

  • Professional training

  • Safety certification meeting national and local safety standards

  • Mechanical skills

  • Technical abilities

  • Degree- varies depending on which part of the field crew you are in. you may need anything from a high school diploma to an advanced degree in civil engineering

  • Experience with procurement

  • Budgeting skills

  • Strong attention to detail skills

Responsibilities of a Utility Pole Inspector

Let’s take a closer look at a breakdown of what a utility inspector does:

  • Map utility poles and locate them using GPS.

  • Inspect and inventory utility poles based on map assignments.

  • Analyze electrical and service equipment for utility poles on the street.

  • Check and treat rot at the base of telephone and utility poles. Repair as needed and refill the holes.

  • Address pole rot and decay, testing with a probing bar for internal rot.

  • Prepare reports about utility pole condition.

  • Examine pole for insect and termite infestation, applying chemical treatment as needed.

  • Use basic computer skills to record information and create reports.

  • Safely operate company vehicles.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Inspector

As you may imagine, choosing the right inspector for your utility pole project is critical. This role provides an important skill set that will help your company in many ways.

An experienced pole inspector can save you a lot of money in the long run. They assess pole damage, provide maintenance, and address any issues. This ensures that pole damage does not progress unnoticed. With their service, they may be able to extend the lifespan on your pole, reducing the cost of more severe repairs.

Additionally, the inspector will help you determine when a pole needs repair vs replacement. Making this determination can be tricky, but they bring an important level of expertise. Replacing utility poles when needed can help prevent outages and keep the utility infrastructure running smoothly.

What to Look For

When it comes to filling utility inspector jobs, here are some qualities to look for:

  • Experience: Check for total years of experience as well as information about specific projects. You want a well-rounded inspector that can leverage real-life expertise.

  • Certifications: Inspector jobs can be dangerous since utility inspectors work closely with poles carrying electricity. Following safety standards and having the correct knowledge is critical. Look for the proper certifications and educational background.

  • Communication skills: How well does the inspector communicate with your team? You need someone who can articulate their findings well and direct others as a leader using good communication skills. Communicating effectively is vital for this role.

  • Strong attention to detail: An inspector must be able to pick up on the small signs of damage or decay that others may miss. Their job requires an attentive eye and diligent assessment.

Worry Less About Utility Hauling

Finding the right utility pole inspector takes time and energy. If you’re spending all of this on utility pole hauling, then you won’t have enough resources to dedicate to filling this position.

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