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How to Unload Poles Fast from Intermodal Poles Yards

Your utility pole project’s success depends on how quickly you can get poles to the job site. A common snag in the supply chain is unloading poles from intermodal pole yards.

An intermodal pole yard is a location used to transfer poles from one method of transport to another. These sites normally serve rail-to-road transportation.

The wrong people using the wrong loading and unloading can adversely impact the cumbersome task. Mistakes can delay deliveries as well as cause injuries or deaths.

The sooner you can safely unload poles, the sooner you can deliver them to where they need to be. Learning how to unload poles fast from intermodal poles yards can expedite your project’s progress.

Keep reading to learn more about utility pole transloading.

The Transloading Solution

Transloading, or rail car unloading, is the simple process of placing a truck at intermodal poles yards to unload rail cars of utility poles or other utility cargo. The truck has attached grapples that can pick up and move utility poles. One driver can load, deliver, and unload utility poles in less time than it takes to sort out equipment rentals and labor.

Project managers can certainly manage the transportation of their utility poles themselves. They can employ traditional methods and equipment to get the job done. However, conventional methods involve obtaining trucks, cranes, and/or forklifts. Managers have to research their options, call each one, and compare quotes.

If rentals are not an issue, then project managers must have workers on hand who can safely operate all the equipment. Additionally, the workers should have experience unloading utility poles. If no workers are present, then project managers must hire them.

Project managers then have to handle the logistics of a transport. Scheduling all of the different components can take time, especially if rentals are involved. Managers should also plan for delays. Missing equipment and workers can prove costly.

When it is finally time to unload poles from poles yards, the actual work can eat up a lot of time depending on the loading equipment and workers. Unskilled riggers, for instance, can take longer to secure the load. Shoddy equipment can break down and stall the delivery. Plus, sudden, severe weather can bring things to a grinding halt.

These complications can multiply if a manager has to juggle several utility projects at once. Just staying organized can be a struggle. Ensuring each work site has what they need to continue work can cost managers precious time they could spend tending to their other responsibilities.

Transloading can save time. Project managers who have access to transloading solutions can significantly reduce the preparation time and potential delays that plague their jobs.

Other Ways to Speed Up Unloading

Stay organized

Information is power only if you can easily find it when you need it. You can make a checklist of things to do with the most important tasks at the top. Be sure to note the correct dates and times to stay on top of what needs to be done.

Plan in advance

If you know you are going to need utility poles by a certain date, then you should already be planning how they will arrive. Waiting until the last moment to transport them can severely affect your project’s timeline, especially if you need to acquire rentals and workers.

Abide by safety guidelines

When a team member is injured on the job, your project could suffer. Depending on their role, one worker could hold up the entire workflow. Replacing them could push back deadlines. Following safety procedures keeps everyone safe and healthy as well as your project on track for completion.

Outsource the job to transloading experts

Teaming with a hauling company that specializes in transloading can solve your time problems as well as save you money. Managers juggling several utility projects can confidently use one group of experts to transport their poles to each work location.

Before You Hire a Hauling Company

If you have decided on letting a hauling company handle your utility poles, then you probably want to save time, money, and peace of mind. Before you settle on the first, cheapest option, you should ask each company these questions:

What transloading experience do you have?

You should aim to get a company that specializes in transloading. Such a company will have the expertise and equipment to get the job done fast. Your goal is to minimize the chances of delays. An experienced transloading hauling company should have the right tools to deliver your utility poles.

How do you safely load, unload, and deliver freight?

Safety is paramount in utility hauling. Not only does following the rules keep employees safe but it also protects the public from harm. The best hauling company should explain what they do and offer examples of their practices.

Are you an asset-based or brokerage company?

Chances are, you probably want to deal with a hauling company directly without any middlemen. An asset-based company would be your best choice in this instance. A brokerage company simply sets you up with a hauling company. An asset-based company does the actual work. They also hire their own drivers and possess their trucks. They can also provide more efficient communication than brokers.

How much will the delivery cost?

Price is always important. Hiring the most expensive company can break your project’s budget. You should ask for a complete estimate before you accept a proposal.

What other services does your company offer?

If the hauling company you are interested in hiring has other services that could further expedite your project, then you can leverage their offerings and possibly save even more time. For example, not all hauling companies unload the poles they haul. Look for a self-unloading company that unloads your poles as part of their transloading services.

Blackwood Resources Can Unload Poles Fast

If you want an asset-based company that excels at transloading, then you should get in touch with Blackwood Resources.

As an honored partner within the utility industry, we know the importance of speed. Your deadlines do not care if you can not get your utility poles from rail yards to job sites. Your project’s stakeholders want results because their customers demand them. We can help you maintain your timelines and fulfill expectations.

Speed when you need it

We have capabilities to haul and unload:

  • wood, steel, and concrete utility poles.

  • pilings.

  • pipes.

  • other oversize, bulky materials.

Our experienced operators use high-end trucks that have attached cranes for loading and unloading. You can expect to receive your utility poles safely and promptly. We can align with your scheduling goals so you can keep your deadlines in front of you.

Speed when your customers need it

We can assist in disaster recovery efforts. Speed is vital in getting things back up and running. Our roadside transport, clean-up, and staging services have become integral components of reconnecting utility customers with the world.

Quality service at all times

We dedicate ourselves to assisting with the transportation and distribution of new utility poles across the country. Our transloading, relocation, and storm response services can scale with the magnitude of your project. You can take advantage of our constant, singular focus to not only receive your utility equipment but some of the most remarkable customer service our industry has to offer.

Contact us today so we can discuss your utility pole project.



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