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How Blackwood Solutions Uses Our Transload Yards to Serve Utility Clients

Utility transload yards play a major role in every utility project that requires new telephone poles.

Oftentimes, when you partner with an overlength hauler, all they do is truck your poles from one location to another.

Blackwood Solutions does more than that.

We offer complete utility pole hauling, from start to finish. We use our own transload yards to serve all of our clients. Our transloading facilities help us to provide a reliable outbound trucking solution that all clients can count on.

Learn more about our utility pole transloading yards.

Blackwood Solutions Offers Rail-Car Unloading

One of the qualities that separate our outbound trucking solution from others is what we include. When you work with Blackwood, you don’t need to hire another provider to move your telephone poles from rail car to truck.

Instead, we handle utility transloading for you. Using our specialized trucks, our experienced operators take your materials off of the rail car. From there, we can hold them at our transload yard or take them directly to your job site.

About Our Current Transload Yards

We’ve offered rail-car unloading services for several years. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen an opportunity to better serve our clients via our own intermodal yards.

Our transload yards have been custom created to meet the needs of our utility clients. For example, our second transload yard is 16 acres large, offering plenty of space for utility pole transloading. It’s conveniently positioned with easy access to Interstate 69. It also has the necessary rail access, with a pre-existing office space on the property.

We currently have two transload yards in the Midwest and are looking to open more throughout the nation. Having additional locations throughout the country will allow us to better serve nationwide clients. We will then have more convenient access to several rail-car stations, and be closer to the final delivery locations for multiple clients. In the end, this will result in quicker and more efficient outbound trucking solutions.

Solutions We Provide at Our Transload Facility

Having our own transload yard allows us to provide a reliable iventory management system as well as a reliable outbound trucking solution. We continue to provide top-tier telephone pole hauling solutions along with several additional services.

An overview of our complete utility hauling solution includes:

Utility Pole Pick-Up

Once you’ve ordered your telephone poles or utility materials from the manufacturer, you need to get them to your job site. However, the time between your order and your project could be months or even years away. Regardless, the manufacturer wants to move the poles as soon as possible.

That’s where Blackwood comes in right away. We will pick up inventory for utility companies from the manufacturer’s location or rail car. Using our specialized overlength trucks, we load the poles and then bring them to our transloading facility.

Utility Inventory Storage

After bringing your poles to our transloading yard, we can store them. Our transloading facility includes outdoor storage for telephone poles, conductors, and wire spools. We can store your items as long as you need, so you won’t have to worry about what to do with them before your project.

Our utility inventory storage solution enables you to secure your inventory in advance. It’s the best solution for getting ahead of material shortages and ensuring you’ll have what you need for your current and future projects.

Utility Inventory Management

Not only do we store your utility inventory, we also manage it. You can count on us for a reliable inventory management system. At any time, we can send inventory reports to let you know exactly how many wood, steel, or concrete poles you have. It doesn’t matter if we’ve had your items for a week, a year, or more. Our team performs diligent inventory management to account for all of your items.

Outbound Trucking for Utility Materials

When you need to get your utility materials to your job site, Blackwood Solutions is still the answer. After storing and managing your inventory, we then head back to our roots with outbound trucking.

Our experienced operators use our specialized trucks to load your poles. We then haul them to your jobsite, wherever that is, whenever you need.

Utility pole transport is a critical part of your project, and we provide a solution you can count on. We are efficient and experienced, providing hauling services for wood poles, steel poles, concrete poles, and more. Our team undergoes extensive training and ensures a commitment to safety as well as customer service.


But what happens when our drivers show up with your poles? Upon bringing your utility materials to your job site, we still aren’t done! From there, we offer self-unloading. Our trained team uses our built-in equipment to unload your utility poles within minutes. We take them from our truck to your material yard and place them in a neat pile. From there, it’s easy for you to get to work on your project!

Self-unloading means you won’t need to hire a rigger or rent expensive equipment to get your poles off our trucks. We handle it for you, saving you endless time and stress. It’s the easiest way to unload telephone poles or other large utility equipment.

Blackwood Solutions is Your Complete Hauling Solution

Our transload yards have helped transform us from a trucking solution to a complete utility hauling provider.

Our complete solution includes:

  • Manufacturer pick up - Retreiving your materials from the manufacturer.

  • Transloading - Moving the poles from the rail-car to our outdoor storage facility or directly onto our trucks.

  • Utility inventory storage - We place your items in our utility lay down yard for storage for as long as you need.

  • Utility inventory management - Tracking and keeping count of all of the materials you store on our property.

  • Outbound trucking - Hauling your telephone poles, pipes, or wires from our transload yard to your job site.

  • Self-unloading - We unload your equipment from our truck to your material yard, eliminating the need for equipment rental.

We can handle every part of moving your poles, helping them get from the manufacturer to your job site, no matter how much time is between your order and your project. Turn to Blackwood Solutions for outdoor storage, logistics, and final delivery.

Our transloading facilities now make it possible for us to serve all of our utility clients even better. We’re able to offer a complete solution for pole pickup, storage, inventory, hauling, and unloading.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to streamline your next utility management project, turn to our experienced team. We’ve already hauled over 100,000 tons of equipment, and we’re ready to store, track, and haul yours. Contact us to learn more or to get started today.



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