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Holiday Gift Ideas for Utility Managers

Are you looking for a potential gift for a utility manager? If you are, you may be struggling to find just the right gift for a utility boss. Gifts that fit a specific individual can be difficult at times, but as an experienced utility hauling company, we have some firsthand experience to help.

The truth is that there are many helpful items out there that the utility manager in your life may love. There are also great options at all price points, so you can be sure to find something within your budget.

Below are some corporate gift ideas that won’t break the bank, but any utility manager would enjoy.

Keep reading for the top holiday gift ideas for utility managers.

Noise Canceling Headphones

The job of a utility manager can be quite noisy, especially when on-site. The sounds of equipment, people’s voices, and everything in between can cause a lot of chaos.

If your utility manager complains of job sites being too loud to focus or that they often get headaches, then a set of headphones that focus on noise cancellation may be the perfect gift.

They can also be beneficial for any work-from-home opportunity that a utility manager may have. Many high-quality noise-canceling headphones come with a built-in microphone so that they can also participate in virtual meetings without outside distractions.

Unlike earplugs, headphones block out noise and play audio for the listener.

Noise-canceling headphones also serve as great traveling accessories for both day-to-day commutes or long-distance travel. This is perfect for those preparing to travel for the holiday season or work!

Some folks may not traditionally drive to work in a personal vehicle. Instead, they may travel via bus or train to get to their destination. Listening to an audiobook, podcast, or playlist can make the daily commute more enjoyable while also being able to focus on that content.

Personalized Water Bottle/Tumbler

It is important to stay hydrated while on the job. A friendly reminder for your utility manager to drink water can be given through the gift of a water bottle or tumbler.

Personalized water bottles can help keep drinks protected and accessible throughout the day. This would be perfect for those in warmer climates that want to sip cold water while on site.

However, for those in colder temperatures, perhaps a personalized insulated tumbler would work better. For something that is both sturdy and insulated, aim for a tumbler made of stainless steel.

A lot of action can happen both in the office and on-site. Plastic water bottles are at risk of getting cracked and crunched. However, a stainless steel tumbler is built to be both durable and serve the mission of keeping drinks hot or cold.

This will also help your utility manager save money from buying single-use drinking bottles or cans, and encourage them to use a more sustainable form of drinkware.

Business Cards

Business cards can make a great holiday gift option for a working professional. Helping them spread the word about what they do can be a great business opportunity!

Business gifts like this show that you care about the work your utility manager does and hope for a successful future for them.

You can build a custom design for the business cards or find the perfect template through a variety of services.

When your utility manager hands out the business cards you got them, it will literally be the gift that keeps on giving.

Customized Mug

This would be perfect for a utility manager who spends at least one day working from home. Anyone who drinks different teas or coffee in the morning would appreciate another mug to add to their collection.

Instead of a ceramic coffee mug, consider a double wall insulated mug that is focused on keeping drinks warmer for a longer period of time.

Made of stainless steel, they are designed to last throughout the workday. This can be beneficial for the days that are spent behind the desk instead of haul days.

Retractable Key Ring

If your utility manager often loses track of their keys, you may look into a retractable key ring.

Retractable key rings can easily clip onto a belt or waistband and ensure that their keys are always on hand and never left behind at a job site.

They work like a normal key ring, except there is a wire that retracts back into the keychain when force is released from it.

There is no need to remove the ring from a pocket or bag, instead just pull down on the keys and when you are done, let it go and it will automatically be put away.

The ring itself can be designed specifically with either a logo, monogram or other special design. It can hold any kind of key and keeps everything in an organized place.

Project Planning Notebook

A project planning notebook can assist in keeping track of your utility manager’s workload. Utility managers often makes checklists as part of their project planning strategies, and a notebook like this could be a beneficial tool for them.

This can also streamline the process of project planning so that necessary tasks are completed accurately and not repeated. This can help keep your manager on track while also saving money.

Having a proper place to set project ideas and strategies can also assist in breaking down any large tasks going on within the project.

Planner/Desk Calendar

Another great organizational tool is a planner or desk calendar. Making sure that tasks have established deadlines are kept and delegated accordingly.

Even putting small tasks down like team meetings or sending out email reminders can add stress to a utility manager’s day.

Some planners have a checklist built in, while others help maintain priorities throughout the day. A planner that works with specific time periods can also assist in organizing meeting times and when travel is necessary.

Gift Cards

A simple, yet easy go-to is the tried and true gift card. Anyone can use a giftcard to buy just about anything. Even if it will not cover the full cost of a purchase, it can assist in lowering the out-of-pocket expense.

You can choose any place that offers gift cards to their business, a branded gift card through a service like Visa, or a gift certificate to their local business or restaurant.

Give the Gift of Great Utility Hauling

Holiday gifting can be tough, and looking for a great gift to give to your utility manager can be exhausting.

One priceless gift is an experience. Part of a utility manager’s job is planning utility pole transport, and helping them find a quality partner is a gift that keeps giving.

That's why one of the best utility manager gifts out there is the gift of great overlength hauling.

If you are looking for the gift of a stress-free hauling experience, look no further than Blackwood Resources.

We offer years of wood pole hauling experience, impeccable customer service, and asset-based handling. Our number one objective is safety and ensuring the protection of our customers and employees.

If you are looking for the best in the business, then you have found it! To learn more about our utility hauling services, contact us today. You can reach us at 812-676-8770 or



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