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Challenges of Utility Pole Unloading

Utility pole hauling can tax some companies that do not have the proper expertise and equipment. Many factors must be considered to ensure safe and timely delivery. From the load size and weight to truck limitations to local laws, a utility pole transport project is an immense undertaking.

Getting them to their destination is only one part of the job.

Unloading poles can be just as difficult, expensive, and dangerous as moving them. A specialty hauling company with vast knowledge and experience can easily overcome the challenges of utility pole unloading. If you choose to take on the burden of the task, then you should know what you are facing.

Here’s what you need to know about the challenges of utility pole unloading.

More Equipment and Employees Equals More Expenses

Some utility hauling companies will not unload utility poles. They will transport your utility pole shipment to the material yard and leave the rest to you.

How will you unload your poles?

If you do not already have one, you will probably need to rent a forklift or a telehandler. You will also need to hire a rigger to hook up the load, maneuver it along with the flatbed, and securely wrap ropes around the poles.

A rigger is a very risky job because they will be the closest to large items that could severely injure them if anything goes wrong. The rigger you hire should know what they are doing so they minimize their risk. However, they might cost you more money than you can afford, especially if you aim to keep your project on or under budget.

A Big Job Comes with Big Safety Concerns

The equipment you will need to unload your poles is large and heavy, creating even more risk for everyone working at a job site. Additionally, the equipment will probably be loud, possibly distracting workers from hearing warnings in the event the process hits a snag.

An untrained rigger might hurt themselves or others – or worse. The more people you have to hire means the greater your company’s liability risk. Keeping everyone safe is crucial. It’s best for everyone’s health and business. The best way to decrease the chances of something unfavorable happening is to hire experienced people.

Your Utility Pole Unloading Solution

You can eliminate the excessive expenses and dangers of unloading by contacting a self-unloading hauling company like Blackwood Resources. Our utility transportation service includes more than just specialized transport for this unique heavy haul. Hauling poles and self-unloading can be an all-in-one job instead of handled separately. The process is simple:

  • Our specialty flatbed hauling truck will securely transport your cargo to your site.

  • Our skilled operator will begin unstrapping the cargo.

  • Our trucks contain all of the tools needed to unload. Operators will use the crane on the truck to move your poles from the flatbed to the ground.

  • After laying your poles in an orderly pile at your site, our operator will leave you with a clean, functional location where you can complete your project.

Self-unloading services eliminate the need for the rigger and additional equipment, saving you time, money, and headaches.

You won’t have to spend time tracking down everyone and everything you need. You won’t have to spend money on rentals and labor because the hauling company transports and unloads your cargo for you, usually with no additional costs. Handing over the job to a seasoned professional can give you peace of mind. You can have one less worry weighing on you so you can focus better.

Blackwood Resources Can Overcome the Challenges of Unloading

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with both overlength hauling and unloading. The calculations and logistics can overwhelm project managers who just want the job finished on time and within budget. Plus it doesn’t make sense for a hauling company to only bring the materials and not unload them.

If you have a number of poles to unload and transport, Blackwood Resources is the self-unloading hauling company you can trust. We pride ourselves on our experience, range of services, equipment, and commitment. We can deliver extraordinary customer service for you.

Our Experience

Years of experience can prove beneficial, but sometimes the quality matters more than the quantity. Since 2017, we have assembled a team of operators and drivers with exceptional histories of competency and safety. We specialize in utility pole transportation and distribution, using what we have learned every day for customers like you.

Our Services

Hauling and unloading utility poles are just two services we offer you. We take care of each step of the arduous process. We can obtain the permits required for your haul, which can save you even more time and money. We can also relocate materials among contractor-yard set-ups and distribution centers. Our relocation services also incorporate bin-block transportation and set up for new and existing yards.

Our Equipment

Our fleet of industry-leading equipment gives us advantages over other hauling companies. Our self-unloading trucks create significant transportation efficiencies and lower costs for you and all of our customers. We can haul and unload wood, steel, and concrete utility poles, pilings, pipes, and other oversize materials.

Our Commitment

Some utility hauling companies do not actually do the hauling. Instead, they act as brokers who connect customers with carriers. They usually do not own any of the equipment or employ any drivers. They simply leverage their network of carriers. These people might have different levels of knowledge and experience.

We own our equipment and employ our truck drivers. We hold our drivers to high standards. Because we actually do the hauling, you can enjoy:

  • More clear and direct lines of communication.

  • Consistent, reliable service.

  • A guaranteed hauling capacity.

  • A greater sense of accountability for the job.

We are committed to setting ourselves apart from our competition. We can fit our services to your needs, putting you in control while we do all the work. You can expect excellent communication from us as we will explain the process and work closely with you to provide the best possible experience.

Moving utility poles between locations should be performed by experts. Our skilled and professional operators can transport utility poles anywhere in the eastern United States. We can carefully transport your cargo to where you need it to be.

You don’t have to worry about finding and renting equipment or hiring new workers. You have enough to deal with. Choosing a respected pole hauling and unloading company can remove several tasks from your list.

Self-unloading. Professional operators. A track record of safety. Our dedicated team is here for your utility pole hauling AND unloading needs.

Learn more about how we can help you. Please contact us today.



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