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Benefits of Working With a Self-Unloading Hauling Company

Utility hauling requires special trucks and equipment for transporting heavy items, but there are now many hauling companies offering this service.

However, the vast majority of utility haulers only bring your equipment to the site. When it comes to unloading all of the heavy equipment, that’s left to you. This means you must rent cranes or forklifts and hire labor just to unload your equipment.

While customer unloading is the norm, a few industry-leading companies offer self-unloading services.

There are several key benefits of working with a self-unloading hauling company. Let’s take a closer look at how these unloading operations work.

What is a Self-Unloading Hauling Company?

With a self-unloading hauling company, they unload all of your equipment when they get to the site. You and your team do not have to do anything except tell them where to go and where to unload.

Self-unloading utility haulers have special trucks with built-in devices for loading and unloading heavy loads.

Some of the things that self-unloading haulers can transport and unload a wide variety of materials on their floor trailer including:

  • Steel poles

  • Wood poles

  • Concrete poles

  • Large reels

  • Transformers

This process does not use the hydraulically driven walking floor method from Keith Manufacturing for trailer unloads, as the materials are far too large and heavy. Instead, of a walking floor trailer, self-unloading utility haulers use built-in equipment to pick up and move the cargo. Learn more about what self-unloading is and how it works in this helpful article.

Why Choose a Self-Unloading Hauling Company?

Why exactly is working with a self-unloading hauling company so beneficial? Here are the top reasons:

Save Time

Dealing with unloading yourself requires an extensive time commitment. You must rent additional equipment and hire workers to unload. This requires more research, calling around, and comparing quotes.

Even after you sort out the hiring and equipment rentals, you must spend more time. Those you hire will need to bring the forklifts or cranes to your site. They’ll have to come set up before the hauling company arrives.

Then they must do the unloading, and then pack up their equipment and leave. Overall, this leads to a slower, more cumbersome unloading process.

Self-unloading saves a ton of time, which is crucial for the utility industry. You won’t have to spend time comparing equipment rentals or looking for crew to unload. Instead, the hauling company quickly uses their specialized trucks to unload your products into one convenient pile.

Save Money

Renting additional equipment or hiring additional workers to unload costs money. Before you know it, you could be paying way more than you want to just to get your equipment delivered. All of these additional costs eat away at your budget, making the entire project more expensive.

One of the best ways to limit your expenses is to hire a self-unloading utility hauling company. They do not charge any additional fees, unloading is part of the hauling process. You’ll be able to save thousands of dollars in equipment rentals and labor when you work with a self-unloading trucking company.

Safer Process- Eliminate the Rigger

When you hire outside help for unloading, you’re liable fr the process. If something goes wrong, you could end up facing liability issues and high expenses.

One of the biggest safety concerns with unloading is the rigger. A rigger must hook the load, crawl on the floor tailor, and wrap the load up. They are in close proximity to the equipment being moved, which puts them at a huge risk. Requiring a rigger is a major hazard that can be both dangerous and costly.

Self-unloading makes the process far safer because it eliminates the need for the rigger. Instead, the grapples pick up and move the items. No person is nearby or in the way of the unloading area.

Ultimately, it ensures a safer process for your whole site. This reduces your liability and allows your project to continue smoother.

No Need to Rent Unloading Equipment

Ultimately, self-unloading systems replace equipment rental. When you work with a company that unloads its own cargo hold, you will not have to rent equipment or hire a third party to unload.

Eliminating the need to rent equipment or hire someone else helps your utility project in many ways. It saves you time, money, liability, and stress. You will be able to enjoy a much faster, simpler, and safer unloading process.

The self-unloading company will be able to get your equipment delivered and unloaded without the need for outside help. This is a crucial benefit for utility projects, as it allows you to get back to work quicker.

Blackwood Resources is Here to Help

Self-unloading utility hauling offers many important benefits for utility companies. Avoid hiring a hauling company that makes you deal with the unloading process. Instead, save time, save money, and improve safety by hiring a self-unloading utility hauler.

To ensure a smooth, safe process, you need a reputable specialty trucking company on your side. With Blackwood Resources, you can enjoy a rigger-free, convenient, and safe utility unloading process.

Our experienced team is here to help deliver and unload heavy loads for your next utility project. We handle transportation and unloading for new utility poles, helping your team get back to work faster. We use specialized trucks with built-in equipment to provide efficient unloading to all of our customers, including America’s largest electric utility companies.

Turn to our certified woman-owned trucking company for all of your utility hauling needs. Our team is committed to helping you reduce service disruptions and incorporate modern infrastructure with our hauling services. Whether you need help hauling wood poles, steel poles, transformers, concrete poles, or large reels, Blackwood Resources is here to help.

Learn more about our self-unloading hauling solutions and how we can help your team. Contact us today at 812-676-8770 or for more information about our services!



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